The Kenya Community Engagement Project (Projet d'Engagement Communautaire au Kenya : PECK) is a non profit organization with a mission to help children living in difficult conditions in Wagusu, Kenya. Our objective is to help elevate poverty by facilitating education and creating sustainable projects that can guarantee a better future for children of Kenya.



We’ve put into place a three tier strategy to help us achieve our goal.


Help a child get access to education for a hopeful future.



Invest in the community by creating sustainable project that favor the village’s independence.


Be part of a team of volunteers, in Quebec or Kenya, who aim to help improve Wagusu’s life condition

Education is at the heart of our approach as we believe that the key to success of our goal is share the knowledge.


Education center

Nos projets:

Accès à l’eau potable

Comme plusieurs personnes que nous rencontrons, Julien et Florent cherchaient comment donner au suivant.

Construction d’un poulailler

Ils ont donc commencé à préparer leur voyage pour le début de l’automne...

Installation de jardin

PECK a pensé, en cette période de partage, de vous offrir la possibilité d’offrir un don, sous forme de cadeau...



Behind each great project, there’s a strong team!

Following their first trip in 2011, Jade and David started putting together multiple community driven projects. PECK is now a team of devoted volunteers that collaborated with an extremely grateful community.



Jade Scott-Giasson, Co-founder of Peck



David Pare, Co-founder of Peck

Jacqueline Ouko Founder of KVCDP, the local organization at Wagusu


Volunteer team from Mauricie                                        

Thanks to a dedicated and generous team, PECK was able to carry out several sustainable projects that have played a part in making the community of Waugusu self-efficient. 

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