Guillaume Duranceau-Thibert


Globetrotter, author, columnist, speaker, owner of a garden center, Guillaume Duranceau-Thibert is also known as Guillaume Sans destination. The traveler presents his travel stories on social networks and on TV with the desire to inspire people to think outside the box and go exploring the world. Epicurean since the first day, he is always ready to embark on the next adventure before him!

Why become an ambassador for PECK?

After having traveled a good part of the planet in order to marvel, to understand, to learn and to make new friendships, I wanted to embark on an adventure where I could make a difference for a community. Life is more than grandiose when we feel we can accomplish our projects and realize our dreams.

Traveling makes us realize:
That we are privileged to be born in a place where it is easy to live.
That we are lucky to be able to reach our ambitions.
But it's not everywhere like that.

I want to help change the lives of people who have not yet had the same opportunities to fulfill themselves.

I want to build adventures for others.

I want to see people come true.

That's why I became an ambassador for PECK!