Sponsor a child and change a life




We have developed a process to sponsor children with no access to elementary school. Education is often the first step in overcoming poverty. Thanks to our efforts and help from our partners, more than 95 children have been sponsored within the past five (5) years.



The sponsorship system allows many vulnerable children to have access to primary education, which is often the first step in overcoming the vicious circle of poverty.




Helping a child have access to education, it’s giving hope for a brighter future.






The support system consists of $ 325/year costs, per child, allowing the Kenya Voluntary Community and Development Project (KVCDP) in Wagusu to provide necessary for school supplies, homework help and food. Additionally, this allows for an emergency medical fund, including a follow up by the local staff; an invaluable ressource for these young people who are often left to themselves in this community.

Note that PECK does not have an administrative fee with a team that consists of 100% volunteers.



By supporting the education of children, you also help the "Women's Group", a group of women who have to care for the children of the village. They develop income-generating projects and support families in need.





We promise transparency and a personal connection with the child you are sponsoring. You will receive news and an opportunity to meet him. You’ll never be able to forget the smile on the face of his child when you make first contact or the warmth of the women who have those children in their charge.





Join the PECK team and help a child in need.

Sponsor a child