Why this project ?


PECK always believed that the recipe for success in pulling a community out of poverty was to give the community access to education. Unfortunately, the education system in Kenya is far from perfect; the classes are overcrowded, a high student to teacher ratio, with several students in difficulty. The village can really benefit from a school independent of the government, safe from the many strikes the public schools of Kenya are too frequent victims.


Too many children fail their school year, but teachers have no choice but to graduate them because there are too many children in that situation.




Our biggest dream is to build our own elementary school in Wagusu. It’s a huge project, so we’re taking it step by step.




Step 1 – Education Center


The center of education will be the focal point of this school. It will bring a lot to the community in general. Children often find it very difficult to do their homework once the school is over, since the sun sets early and there’s not enough light to work without damaging their eyes.

The center, which will be largely composed of a library, a homework room equipped with solar powered lamps. It will be accessible to the children of the orphanage, students and the rest of the community. We are strong believers that everyone deserves the opportunity for education.





The center will be powered by solar energy to illuminate the room to help with homework room and the computer stations.


Computer stations allow the Wagusu community to have access to more information and access to the world.


The library will consist of over four thousand books, bought locally, of a variety of subjects.





In order to build the education center, we will train the local workforce to create employment and give them expertise in the respective field.




Objective : 65 000$



The construction of the library in the center of Wagusu will be done in collaboration with Orkidstudio, a non-profit organization that specializes in construction and architecture in Africa. They encourage the local workforce by training them to create high quality, sustainable buildings. Their values of involvement within the community make them the perfect ally for our mission.


Again, we invite to pursue your contribution to PECK with a financial support or by spreading the word for our fundraising.


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