Acces to clean water





Ensure the essential is accessible.


Thanks to a generous donation during our mission in the summer of 2013, we were able to install access to drinking water within the local community of Wagusu.

Access to this drinking water has several advantages for a community whose main source of water is Lake Victoria, which is infamously known for being the most parasitic lakes in the world.



Decrease infectious parasites, including schistosomiasis.

Limit the diarrhea occasion by offering a source of clean water for hand washing.

Allow several children and adults to be well hydrate despite droughts, through a tank system.









Cost: 10 000 $



The water project consists of two 10,000 liter containers that allow water to be accumulate, and available in any unforeseen circumstance. The first floor is the point of sale where water is sold at the lowest price to ensure accessibility. The vendor has to also ensure the protection of the ressource, as well as pay the local company that supplies the village. This rate is essential to ensure the sustainability of the project and to ensure the community becomes autonomous from internal aid.



News from the project

We were pleased to learn that the project has had and continues to have a significant impact in the village of Wagusu. Local hospitals were contacted and PECK was informed that the number of infections transmitted by water has been considerably reduced! We had several very positive and enthusiastic comments from the people of the local community who are very grateful.




We would like to thank this donor who has made an exceptional change in a troubled community.