Road upgrades





Facilitating children’s lives and access to the day center.


During our summer trips to Wagusu from 2013 to 2015, participants took the initiative to improve access to the orphanage by restoring abandoned government roads. The task was massive since the road was strewn with ditches, huge rocks and on hardly malleable ground. To top it off, workers with only equipped with tools within range; a pick, an iron bar, a half shovel and unstable wheelbarrow. That didn’t seem to be an obstacle for the participatns as they took on the workload and turned it into a successful road with access to the one piece!




Volunteer children eager to give a hand!


It’s important to acknowledge that the tasks couldn’t have been completed without the help of children volunteer. Their strength and determination is admirable, all this from the young age of 4 years. Imagine Quebecers upgrading a road and having a five year old getting the iron bar pulled out to demonstrate how to use it. That’s the exact type of visual you come across in the village!