Sanitary Facilities

A better hygiene!


After nearly 3 years of fundraising for the project of sanitary facilities, the project has come to be realised.

At the beginning of the project, the PECK team of the Mauricie Campus had the ambition to build innovative sanitary installations. Biogas-type dry toilets were used to transform the waste collected into reusable energy. In addition to improving hygiene conditions and reducing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, the students wanted to provide the people of Wagusu with a new source of ecological energy.

However, after discussions with the company that had submitted a bid, it turned out that such facilities required a water supply that was not available in Wagusu village. The project as originally thought was no longer viable. After discussions with officials in Wagusu, we agreed that the most realistic and sustainable solution for the time being was conventional dry toilets, which achieved the primary goal of improving sanitary conditions. Thus, during the summer of 2017, these facilities were built near the day center. The building has 4 toilets.

Thank you to the medical students of the Mauricie Campus of the University of Montreal!