Chicken coop




A source of food and income.


With our 2012-2013 fundraiser, we were able to raise enough money to build a chicken coop that can accommodate up to 1,000 chicken. We initially bought 300 chickens including laying hens and chicks.

Construction of the poultry house took place in July 2013 under the supervision of the founders of PECK and other volunteers.

This henhouse brings a lot to the orphans but also to the local community of Wagusu. The advantages of this accomplishment are many:


Source of food : The eggs and the chickens for the children provide a great source of protein.

Source of income: Through the sale of overstock products, the henhouse provides a reliable source of income to the orphanage.

Source of employment : The henhouse is managed and maintained by local young men, which allow them to a source of income for their families. These jobs help reduce the rate of unemployment and alcoholism that is often found to be present in the young men of Wagusu.